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How to work in a call center without going crazy?

The first part of the journey is ahead of you – 42 pages of practical knowledge on telephone customer service. I was mainly based on my own mistakes, which can make your work a lot easier.

The publication will also be useful if you want to start your own business and need knowledge for you or your employees.

Every experienced entrepreneur knows how extremely important customer service is and how great benefits it brings.

Who is this e-book for?

– people working in the telephone customer service who want to improve their competences and facilitate everyday conversations

– people who just want to start their adventure with telephone customer service

– business owners who want to transfer practical knowledge to their employees

– owners of new enterprises who want to build their personal brand and provide their first customers with the highest level of service

What can you learn from this e-book?

– find out why customer service is so important

– learn how to change your attitude and find motivation to work

– learn what can be obstacles to doing your job reliably and how easy it is to overcome them

– receive knowledge on how to prepare a workplace and take care of your health

– learn how to work well with your team and why it is so important

– get a working knowledge of voice emission, body posture, breathing and articulation

– learn how to easily deal with a difficult client

– learn simple techniques that will help you be more refreshed while working