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Introduction 3

Chapter I. Motivation, calibration and the like 6

What can be an obstacle in reliable work performance and how to crush it? 9

Chapter II. Workstation – ergonomics – health 10

Workstation, sitting position 10

Monitor 11

Volume and headphones 11

Breaks 12

Chapter III. Teamwork – why should we eliminate certain attitudes? 12

Never speak ill of the client! 12

Chapter IV. I hear how you look – on body posture, breathing, articulation and voice projection 15

Smiling all the time? That’s impossible. 15

Your language attests to you, you attest to the company 16

Breath 17

Posture 17

Gesticulation 18

Only keeping it cool can save you! 18

Chapter V. Good morning, how may I help you? – 11 tips for a standard working day of a consultant 19

Rozdział VI. A difficult client – how to cope with one? 23

Listening 23

Imagination helps 23

Don’t exert pressure, don’t persuade, set firm boundaries. 23

Reiterate 24

Offer specific solutions 24

Every problem is an opportunity! 25

VII. Time to relax – relaxation techniques 26

River 27

Mindfulness 28

Retrospect 28

VIII. Conclusion 29

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