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10 things that call center teach

1. Patience Patience is greatly underestimated, and yet it is one of the foundations of almost any success. And nothing teaches patience like working from 9 to 5 in a contact center. If you currently work in a place like this, you know very well how annoying customers can be. You also know very well that both in sales and in customer service, patience is a highly desirable trait. I might even say that patience is essential to doing such a job. If you get nervous about every clumsy client and every prolonged conversation – it will be hard for… Read More »10 things that call center teach

Contact center – 7 reasons to work there

It’s hard to imagine working in a contact center is someone’s dream job. We often decide to choose such a job because we do not have much choice or we need to start work as soon as possible. Despite this, many people choose call centers not only for the above-mentioned reasons. So why choose a job in a call center? Let’s try to find 7 reasons why employment in a contact center is a very good idea. 1. Working in a contact center does not require any experience When going to a call center interview, we usually don’t have to… Read More »Contact center – 7 reasons to work there